Richard A. Byrnes






If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a week in the French countryside our charming village – Les Cerqueux Sous Passavant in the Loire Valley is the right place.  Our home and studio at 5 rue de la Mairie is a unique experience.

When there are no classes during May, July, August and September individuals may rent the complete apartment and Studio.  Artists, printers, teachers with mature students, and visitors can rent the entire facility, which includes the studios and the apartment. The apartment sleeps 8 with a cot for #9, has four bedrooms, 2 full and 2 half baths, a living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as a covered patio in the garden.

When you enter through the front door, a world of wonder is revealed. You’ll first see a collection of large white sculptures, monumental painted screens, abstract and representational paintings and a library filled with art books. When you pass through the painting studio, you’ll enter the apartment for another surprise. You will find a lovely commodious French salon with an America eye for convenience. The glass sliders reveal the wisteria covered terrace pergola, the garden and the western sky. Studio Cerqueux is perfect for artists and printmakers but it’s equally as wonderful for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy la vie Française.

Renters with a musical penchant will love the electronic piano. We have sheet music but you may want to bring your favorites.  The lounge furniture is super comfortable.  The TV has 6 channels of French language programs, great for developing your French ear.

Our studio
The studio is very large (over 6000 sq.ft.) with painting studios, a study library and includes a fully equipped print studio with our new 36” X 48” press. Artists are free to use the studios as they wish. Printers have access to the Print Studio upstairs with the 36” x 48” press suitable for etching, monotype and Xerox-based lithographs.

*Note on Materials: If you bring your own oil paints, pack them in your checked luggage and mark them “artist colors”.  You should bring your own brushes. We have a supply of turpentine and dryers (Liquin).  


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