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Come to France and our charming village – Les Cerqueux Sous Passavant in the Loire Valley.  Study art, learn to draw and paint while enjoying la vie Française. We offer classes for the month of June 2012. If enrollment justifies we will open additional sessions. Special arrangements can be made for classes in May and July.

About our classes 
The Art Week begins with a morning of studio work refreshing the basics as needed, getting to know each other and planning a program that best suits each student’s needs and direction.  Richard typically provides a demonstration drawing or painting in the studio or garden.  Afternoons are for independent study and self-directed exploration of French life and the abundance of nearby cultural interests.

The rest of the week, we focus on the work and fun of getting what you see onto a sheet of paper or canvas.  Our goal is to get you to see what you’re looking at and transfer that to your artwork.  Draw inspiration from anything that captures your imagination and spend the rest of the week working to develop your ideas.  Our small group size ensures that you’ll get plenty of individual instruction and guidance as needed.

Artists of every level
Whether you are an absolute novice or advanced practitioner, all are welcome. Wherever you are on your artistic journey, Richard will guide you to the next level.  Our drawing and painting classes are flexible and designed to get you over any blocks.  We will teach you how to use pastel, oil and acrylic paints as a means to develop your unique style.  We want you to create the way you should.  “Senior” is a state of mind and Art is a youth potion. Come to Les Cerqueux and enjoy learning and good food.  We’re user friendly.

What you’ll learn 
Classes are freely structured, allowing each individual to follow his or her “muse” while drawing, painting or printing.  You’ll study and review:

  • How to see and getting it on the page
  • Proportion, Line drawing, Light and Shade
  • Composition and Color
  • Using Perspective

Landscape Painting 
Your inner Van Gogh is in our neighborhood.  It teams with “paintable” plein-air views both in the village and the countryside – chateaux, ruins, fields, farms and distant views of the classical French landscape.

Discover Art Workshops   
If you enjoy painting and photography and would like to experiment with basic printmaking techniques, we have what you want.



The studio
Our studio is very large (over 6000 sq.ft.) with painting studios, a study library and includes a fully equipped print studio with our new 36” X 48” press.

*Note on Materials  If you bring your own oil paints, mark them in checked luggage as “artist colors”.  We will have a stock of oil paints available at the studio for your use along with a supply of turpentine and dryers [Liquin].  You should pack your own brushes, although we also have some used brushes and palette knives in the studio for student use.

Reserve your place and make plans to join us and have fun while enhancing your creative experience and individual expression!  French cooking and language lessons can be arranged. Come join us this summer, feel free to call or email with any questions!
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