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These programs will introduce you to art, build basic drawing skills and encourage you to move forward as an artist. Knowledge builds confidence. Confidence builds freedom. Freedom lets you relax and draw with ease in a natural manner.

Each video program is designed to guide you as you begin and give you the ability to spot problems and correct them as you progress. The video format is perfect for learning! You can sketch along and immediately apply what you have learned. Review any art or drawing lesson to reinforce your understanding build on your developing skills and insights.

Video programs are available on DVD and as individual Lesson Downloads.

DVDs are great to have on hand to pop in and watch on your TV or computer as you draw along. Teachers love the introductory art and how-to-draw videos as instructive teaching aids in class!
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LESSON DOWNLOADS are available for individual video segments of how-to-draw programs. Think you're an expert at 1 Point and 2 Point Perspective? You can skip those lessons and just download the 3 Point Perspective video! At low costs, video lessons are convenient to download and watch on your computer or even on the go! Watch the video on your iPod as you sketch!
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In this video RA Byrnes gives you the confidence to approach a work of art. Each element provides the student with guidelines that help focuses attention on one aspect of a piece.

This program will help students understand how the combination
and emphasis of the various elements
help in appreciating the design of a painting. Doing this also helps to learn how to see with greater sensitivity and insights into an artist's expression. This program is available on DVD or as a digital download.

Elemets and Principles of Design Video


Artists as well as students often work with a photographic source. This program takes you step-by-step through the process of using grids to enlarge an image.

In this video, RA Byrnes explains and
demonstrates with the grid while showing short-cuts, cautions and tips. This how-to-draw video program will deliver that "AHA" moment and give you a powerful tool in your art! This program is available on DVD or as a digital download.

Drawing with the Grid how-to video


Three dimensional media – what is it? Almost any art work that has width, height and depth. It can fill a room or fit on a tabletop. Size doesn’t matter. It's sculpture in the round, as well as high and low relief. It can be carved, modeled, cast and constructed. You'll see major examples including kinetic and environmental works.

This introductory art program explains 3D Media and offers examples from every major culture in the world. This program is available on DVD or as a digital download.

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"Anyone can learn to draw."
The "anyone" is you. Master artist RA Byrnes is ready to prove it.

In these video programs he guides you through every step - from the first mark on a blank page to the beautiful finished drawing. Using simple progressive drawings and clear descriptions, RA covers the basics and gives insider tips and shortcuts that every artist uses.

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Master artist RA Byrnes introduces you to the basic concepts of perspective, showing how various techniques can create an impression of depth and space.

This 7 part video program guides you from your first impressions to spotting and correcting drawing errors. RA's easy handling of perspective drawing will encourage you to relax and be confident on your way to success.

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